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Modelling constitutional rights

For an applied legal epistemology

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The Modelling of constitutional laws. For an applied legal epistemology project is made-up of four complementary modules. These various research operations have starting points distributed over time. However some of them are likely to be extended beyond their initial duration, in order for several operations to be carried out in parallel.

n : Designing of the jurematics method

- Epistemological and methodological reflection

on modelling in comparative constitutional law

- Initial training in the use of software for relational database

management, and quantitative and qualitative data analysis

n + 1 : Application of the jurematics method

- First application of the legal information system

to constitutional justice in France and Germany

- Continuous training in the use of software for

database management and data analysis

- Recruitment of an interdisciplinary team for

the development and distribution of the method

n + 2 : Development of the jurematics method

- Expansion of the legal information system for constitutional

justice to include other European States

- Application of the method to other legal objects

and to other branches of law

n + 3 : Distribution of the jurematics method

- Development of a “research-training” programme for the

Centre Interdisciplianire d’Études et de Recherches sur l’Allemagne

- Search for new distribution channels for the method

(collaborative work by Internet, digital and paper publication…)