The project in brief

Modelling constitutional rights

For an applied legal epistemology

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Modelling constitutional rights is a long-term objective, deliberately formulated in a general and ambitious manner. A study relating to “the” constitutional rights refers indeed not only to the variety of national legal systems - from a point of view of comparative institutional law - but also to the variety of rights and freedoms constitutionally guaranteed - from a point of view of comparative substantive law. This project firstly requires epistemological reflection on legal models. It is then a question of elaborating a method of capture, processing and restoring of legal information, likely, finally, to be applicable to various subjects.

The method to be conceived, that we describe as jurematics, will make use of various IT tools - information system, management of databases - and statistics - for example analysis of quantitative and qualitative information. More generally, the aim is to place at the service of legal research, the sciences and technologies of information and communications. From this point of view, the process should be deliberately open and always likely to evolve to be able to integrate new information - legal or contextual - in order to be able to otherwise deal with the traditional questions surrounding constitutional law and theory of State. In the medium term, it will be a question of applying the method to the mechanisms and the practice of constitutional justice in the States of the European Union.